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In the Moment Planning

Young children have a natural desire to learn, explore and question. Sunflowers offers an environment that enables child-initiated play in order to capture the moment of engagement. Careful observation by practitioners is key to utilising the approach. Opportunities to seize the moment when a child shows interest in an activity which can be built upon needs to be recognised, these are normally called ‘teachable moments’. 

A good example of child-led play might be that there are areas in the setting for a number of different activities and varied items of interest. Children are given the opportunity to choose what or where they would like to play, rather than being directed to an activity by the nursery practitioners. When the practitioner engages with the child, they approach the child to enquire about the activity, rather than calling the child over to them. The practitioner is then curious and enthusiastic about what the child is doing, which leads to a moment where child-led learning can take place.

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