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Est. 1995 

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What our parents have to say...

Sunflowers Day Nursery, Cottingham 

“After 8 years, many of the staff are part of our extended family. It says a lot when your youngest talks about their teachers on holiday and your oldest still recalls them 4 years later. Any concerns were always listened to and acted upon promptly.”


“Without a doubt the best nursery with the best staff who are very caring, attentive and always go above and beyond what's expected. Could not think of a nicer environment to send my children to.”


“We as a family are very grateful to the excellent service and care provided by the nursery for our daughter, who shall certainly miss all her favourite staff and friends!”


We asked our staff if they enjoyed working at Sunflowers & why...

“I feel happy in my work and do look forward to coming to work every day. I feel this is because I am well supported in my role and I am given the chance to express my ideas and opinions within my room. I often look for items and ideas for my room to bring into the nursery in my spare time as I feel it is very important to be passionate about what you do. I love working with children and I feel Sunflowers is a very positive working environment.”


“I do. I look forward to seeing the children and seeing what the new day brings to their development. I look forward to seeing the girls I work with and coming up with new ideas for the room. I really enjoy my job.”


Sunflowers Day Nursery

Sunflowers Day Nursery

About Us

Karen and Harry Cardwell set up the original Sunflowers Day Nursery in Cottingham in the 1990s. With a background in nursing and an Early Years Foundation degree in Childhood Studies, Karen now owns three Sunflowers nurseries and plays an active role in their running, alongside her skilled and experienced management team.


At Sunflowers Day Nurseries we treat children as individuals, each with their own specific needs. This means that our children move from room to room as and when the staff and parents decide they are ready, and not simply because of their age.

All children are different, and they reach certain developmental milestones at different times. At Sunflowers we ensure all children are encouraged and stimulated to reach their full potential in a fun, loving, non-pressurised environment.

All keyworker staff are qualified to a minimum of Level 3 childcare qualification and all have Basic Food Hygiene and Paediatric First Aid qualifications. We are a dedicated, warm, friendly and enthusiastic team, who will always strive to go that extra mile. Staff have annual appraisals and monthly supervisions with the management team, ensuring their Continual Professional Development. We have regular staff meetings where we contribute and share our ideas, continually self-evaluating our practice.

The parents’ peace-of-mind is essential, and It is important you know as much about the nursery as possible. We encourage as much parental involvement as you wish to put in.

If you have any queries or questions you would like us to answer, please do not hesitate to call or pop into the nursery at any time.

Sunflowers Day Nurseries promise to provide outstanding nursery provision within a loving environment supported by a team of dedicated, professional carers.

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